Woz: This is not my America

As the passions and justifications swirl around the revelations concerning the NSA, the rest of the world sits and wonders.
Is only the U.S. involved? Or might, perhaps, every government on Earth be rather keen to use all technological methods to protect its interests?
What do ordinary Americans think (apparently, we don’t mind too much)?
But, more importantly, what does Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak think?
It so happens that Spanish language tech site FayerWayer happened upon Woz as he sat at an airport.
So often known to be obliging and spontaneous, Woz offered his thoughts. Essentially, he seemed to be reassessing his whole view of America.
He explained that he was brought up believing that other countries tortured prisoners, but America “didn’t torture them. We gave them good clothing and everything.”
“I was so proud of my country and now I find out it’s just the opposite,” Woz sighed…

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