Willie Nelson Stops Tony Harrison in the 9th

harrison vs nelson

The weather was great but the boxing wasn’t pretty in Tampa on Saturday. The opener was the undefeated Tony Harrison taking on Willie Nelson in a slow, non-action fight, and until late it appeared Harrison had the fight in the bag.

Harrison was up 87-83 and 86-84 and tied 85-85 on the three judges cards. Nelson didn’t let that bother him, and in the 9th round he landed to two rights that ended the fight.

It was the first time in his pro career that Harrison’s butt had touched the canvas, and when he did he didn’t know how to react. Harrison jumped up early in the 10 count, but turned towards his own corner instead of turning towards the ref.

Harrison, out of Detroit, was once the prize next big thing for hailed trainer, Emanuel Steward, but when the great trainer passed away there was no predicting what would happen for Harrison. Now it appears he will have a longer road in front of him if he wants to get to the top that Steward talked so much about.

For Nelson it’s a big win after a loss, and he spoke about the big right hands post fight.

“I just really took my time and was being patient,” Nelson said. “I still have a lot to work [to do] on letting my hands go. I let him get punches off that I shouldn’t have let him. I was walking around and I should have had my hands up. The plan was to take him into deep waters so that’s why I was relaxing. I got the job done with two right hands. I listened to my coach who said go down and fake down and throw a right hand on top. And he buckled a little bit with another right hand.

“I continued to throw a barrage of punches and then he went down. It was the left uppercut that started the combination and then the right hand.”

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