Why the #Resistance is Full of #Wolverines

We are the Wolverines.

We aren’t just democrats or liberals. We aren’t all pro-life or woman’s choice. We aren’t all against the GOP, and we aren’t all Christians.

But we are all Americans. Americans who do not want Russians in our country unless they are taking pictures of how great America already is. We don’t want Russians in our White House!

We are patriots, and from now on, we are WOLVERINES!

We are living in an Occupied America, just like the original Wolverines. The rebels in the 1984 classic movie, Red Dawn. (A movie so great that we had it remade!)

We are rebels here to abolish the Russians from our country. Yes, we are using the name of the rebels in a movie from 1984 to base our own resistance off of right now. We are the country of Hollywood, and it’s influence has built us. We have grown up with Hollywood, and now we are protecting it from the people who want to take away not just the First Amendment, but our whole Constitution!

We are the Wolverines. The bear like animals who dwell in the northern hemisphere of North America, and the rebels who fight away Russian scum just for fun on our lunch break.

The Russians want to play the game of hacking, twitter bots, and mole/troll type of moves? Well, we will now hit back at Putin and his Kremlin Klan of American losers. We can fight fire with fire. We can match troll for troll, hacker for hacker, fake MAGA twitter account with real Wolverines.

We will now push you out of our country, and back to your cold, ice filled land of nothingness. We will send your puppets back with you.

You messed with the wrong country, and you will now feel the wrath of the WOLVERINES!

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The Last Wolverine

The Last Wolverine is a Russian fighting writer born on a Red Dawn, and here to write and report for the truth. Leader of the #WOLVERINES resistance movement inside Occupied America.