Why is Carter Page in Front of a Green Screen?

Is Carter Page still in Russia? It is highly likely that the one time Trump campaign team member has never returned from his ‘vacation’ to Russia.

Page showed up in an interview with NPR saying he had not talked at all to the FBI, and stating that he was in Arizona. The odd stuff starts as we start to look at the background of where Page is standing. A quick google image search pulls up this exact background from Congressman Trent Franks giving an MSNBC interview last year from Arizona.

So is this a green screen that is used at a studio every time, or did Page grab the background from the Franks interview? See the two images, and watch the video below as Page appears to be lying. (But hey what would we know?)

Now Page was ruled a mystery when he was named to Trump’s team because no one in Russia or anywhere else had ever heard of this guy. More news coming as this breaks wide open….

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The Last Wolverine

The Last Wolverine is a Russian fighting writer born on a Red Dawn, and here to write and report for the truth. Leader of the #WOLVERINES resistance movement inside Occupied America.