Who Runs the Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter Accounts @RoguePOTUSStaff

In all the news of Russian intel, White House backstabbing, and all of the Trump malarky, it appears that the person behind the Rogue POTUS Staff accounts has been cleared and it is of course, Steve Bannon.

Master Troll Steve Bannon that is, or as we call him here at the TPD, Virgin Steven Bannon cause he has yet to have sex with a woman.

Bannon, who for some reason was put on Trump’s staff and for some even more odd reason he was added to the National Security Counsel.

These twitter accounts Rogue NASA, Rogue White House, and more rogue accounts are keeping Bannon right on his normal troll pace.

More details coming, but we don’t need any proof. Thanks Bannon!

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Meredith Little

World News Journalist from Dublin, Ireland. Meredith has been with the Pluto Daily since October of 2013.