Watch “El Chapo” Guzmán’s escape and his amazing 4,921-foot tunnel

NOTE: Turn on subtitles to see the translation of the “narcocorrido” about the escape. Witness the moment of the escape and the amazing tunnel (4,921 feet long, with a ventilation system, electric illumination, and motorized carts) that El Chapo Guzmán took to get out of the prison of El Altiplano, in Mexico.

4,921 feet long, Fully lit, PVC Pipe provided with ventilation, small bike on rails, these people are very impressive at prison breaks.

The secret passage was nearly a mile long and was about 5 feet, 6 inches high, just tall enough for Guzman, who is believed to be 5 feet 5 at most, to stand up

Photos show the tunnel was reinforced by a wooden frame and contained lights and a ventilation system made out of PVC pipes, and workers also used GPS technology to accurately route the entrance to his cell and a motorcycle-adapted rail system to move the large amounts of dirt being excavated.

The tunnel is estimated to of cost over $5 million dollars to build.

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