Walt Frazer Wonders If ‘Melo Will Ask Out of NY


According to Hall of Fame point guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier, a trade involving the superstar may be inevitable.

When asked about what the Knicks did this offseason, Frazier had this to say, according to Ian Begley of ESPN:

“I’m sure Melo wasn’t happy. His future is now. You know, he’s not getting younger. This is going to be a pivotal season for him to see really how he fits into the Knick plans and how this is going to go from here. Will he ask out, you know what I mean, if he sees that this is not happening? Because right now the Knicks, [it’s] going to be tough to make the playoffs. They are a few years away and Melo knows that his days are numbered, so stay tuned.”

The Knicks should have thought of this before they inked the scorer to a five-year, $124 million contract prior to the 2014-15 season. In fairness, nobody expected the Knicks to plummet to a meager 17-65 last season, which resulted in them grabbing the No. 4 pick in the draft, Kristaps Porzingis.


The Knicks had a great draft, picking up Porzingis and Notre Dame point guard Jerian Grant, but then swung and missed in free agency.

After pursuing stars, the Knicks wound up with probable starters Robin Lopez and Arron Afflalo, as well as fliers Derrick Williams and Kyle O’Quinn. It was a haul of decent role players, but the Knicks didn’t make the splash they had hoped for.

With a roster that appears likely to miss the postseason yet again and no first-round draft pick in 2016, should the Knicks deal Carmelo Anthony in order to start a clean rebuild?

Although the obvious answer might be yes, the rational answer is no.

As we’ve seen in the NBA, however, the player truly has the power. So if Anthony asks for a trade, it is likely the Knicks would comply. It’s certainly possible he does ask to be dealt, since his window to win a championship is closing, and he might not achieve it with the Knicks.

The issue is that the Knicks might not get a proper package in return if he does that, and the Knicks will have no leverage in negotiations with other teams.

Plenty of teams around the league would be interested in Anthony’s scoring prowess, but his contract will likely be hard to move. If a team is eating so much salary, it might be hesitant to part with young prospects or draft picks, making the trade more of a cap dump than anything else.

In that case, there’s really no point in trading Anthony, since it won’t make the Knicks better in the short term and won’t help them build long term, either.

Now here is footage of Carmelo playing defense….