Tyson Chandler Says Chandler Parsons is “Butthurt” Over DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan shouldn’t take Chandler Parson’s insults seriously — he’s just “butthurt” that he couldn’t convince him to stay with the Mavs … so says NBA star Tyson Chandler.

Tyson’s definitely the right guy to ask about the Jordan drama — not only is he the guy Jordan was supposed to replace in Dallas … but he’s also pretty tight with Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons.
Chandler was pretty candid about the whole situation … saying the way things went down were “a little iffy” … but says at the end of the day, “Every man has his own right to make his own decision.”

As for Dallas Mavs star Chandler Parsons — he’s been ripping DeAndre in the media … saying D.J. went back to the Clippers because he’s too “scared” to be a franchise player.
But Tyson says that’s not really Chandler talkin’, it’s the butthurt … and he’ll get over it.