Tweeting a Coup D’etat ~ How Putin, the Russians, and Trump Hacked America

The following information will show exactly how the Russians, Donald Trump, a Hacker, a corrupt FBI, and others were able to lie, troll, and manipulate the American people into putting a Russian mole in the White House.

1. Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin was indicted for hacking three apps including FORMSPRING a platform Anthony Weiner used for sexting.

2. Weiner,former New York congressman and husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s senior aide, used Formspring for sexting.

3. Weiner’s sexting triggered local and federal investigations, and though unrelated Trump tied Weiner’s sexting to the Clinton campaign.

4. The investigations into Weiner’s sexting, which ultimately lead to Comey’s election-altering letter, raises questions.

5.Did Russian hacker Nikulin leak information about Weiner from Formspring to the DailyMail?

6. The DailyMail published Weiner’s sexting pics, the NEXT DAY an investigation was launched AND Trump did a press release picked up by CNN.

7.The Daily Mail published the Weiner scoop which was picked up by the FBI. Piers Morgan, the Daily Mail’s Editor later tweeted this.

8.Did Piers Morgan, who is friends with and endorsed Trump, help publish the Weiner story in the Daily Mail which lead to Comey’s letter?

9.Random? The Catholic League had filed a charge against Weiner that alerted ACS/NYPD. Is there a connection between Trump and Donohue?

10.So we have Weiner, file charged by Donahue, Daily Mail, Trump camp press release & tweets pushing the Clinton angle to the media.

11. Unraveling the Weiner case leading to the Comey letter, missing from Piers’ tweet Russian hacker Nikulin, Giuliani, Southern District NY

12. FBI agents were rejected by prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, the Southern District of New York took on the Weiner case.

13. Odd coincidence? Both Rudy Giuliani and FBI Director James Comey are both connected to the Southern District of New York.

14. Ahead of Comey’s letter Lara Trump (Eric Trump’s wife) and Rudy Giuliani both shared on Fox “Trump campaign has a couple surprise left”.

15. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT House Oversight Committee, leaked Comey’s letter to the public before Democrats even saw it.

16.While the FBI was looking into Trump-Russia, Comey chose to share news about emails instead which he actually knew of much earlier.

17. The search warrant later obtained by lawyer showed no probable cause “and should not have been issued”.



18.FBI Director Comey KNEW of Trump’s ties to Russia, yet instead informed the public on “possible” Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop.
19.The FBI communicated “Investigating Trump, No Clear Ties to Russia” Why was the FBI sidelining crucial information?

20. The story on Russian hacker Nikulin hit news late Oct. but gained little attention and wasn’t yet connected to Anthony Weiner.

21. Did Nikulin leak kompromat on Weiner, similar to Wikileaks? Did Nikulin hack and tamper with Weiner’s laptop?

22. Piers Morgan joined the Daily Mail Online as US editor-at-large in 2014.

23. Trump camp had advance warning from the FBI about Comey letter. Giuliani “I had no role in it, damn right I knew about it.”

24. The Daily Mail released a scoop on Weiner Sept 21. It only took one day for the FBI to launch an investigation?


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The Last Wolverine

The Last Wolverine is a Russian fighting writer born on a Red Dawn, and here to write and report for the truth. Leader of the #WOLVERINES resistance movement inside Occupied America.