Trump’s Florida Event Being Planned by Bannon as Reichstag Fire Like Event

Why would Donald Trump want to hold a rally now in Florida? He won the election way back in November, and with all the ‘events’ going on right now, it just doesn’t make any sense for Trump to hold this type of rally.

Could it be that there is an alternative motive going on? The answer is a clear yes!

The event has been lightly announced in the news, but it has been heavily announced by the twitter accounts that our sources have confirmed to us are from the master troll, Steve Bannon.

The twitter accounts that Bannon is trolling on such as Rogue POTUS staff, have been steadily leaking both fake and real news over the past few weeks.

It takes shots at everyone inside the POTUS staff even Bannon at times.

Now as we stated above, why in the world would Trump want to hold a rally this weekend in Florida? He won the election, and doesn’t need to start campaigning for another 3 years to say the least.

Bannon, a smart character inside Trump’s band of idiots, is clearly trying to set up a Reichstag fire type of event to either create chaos, create an event that draws in people to fall in line behind the POTUS, or both.

We have several great sources including a person who works at twitter and of course journalist, Louise Mensch, who claims in her new story that Bannon is a Russian Spy. The twitter accounts have now started to attack Louise Mensch. Why? If it wasn’t Bannon like Louise Mensch says it is, why would they even try to give her any credibility?

Remember Bannon is a self-proclaimed Lenist. He wants to destroy the establishment. It appears he might try this weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Reichstag Fire

This is an opinion piece that does contain facts, but this could be a huge warning and red flag!

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The Last Wolverine

The Last Wolverine is a Russian fighting writer born on a Red Dawn, and here to write and report for the truth. Leader of the #WOLVERINES resistance movement inside Occupied America.