Trainer Peter Fury Welcomes Upcoming Tyson Fury Vs Wladimir Klitschko Clash

Tyson Fury is ready to take on Wladimir Klitschko in the German city of Dusseldorf on October 24 after the heavyweights’ rival camps reached an agreement.

The world title fight was due to go to purse bids after negotiations came to a halt, but a deal was made at the last moment. Klitschko (64-3-0-KO53) holds the WBO, WBA and IBF belts, he hasn’t lost a fight since 2004, and was last seen in the ring in April this year when beating Bryant Jennings at Madison Square Garden via unanimous decision.


Fury, 26, is the mandatory challenger for Klitschko’s WBO belt and with an unbeaten record of 24-0-0-KO18, his uncle and trainer Peter Fury insisted this will be Klitschko’s toughest test to date.

“It’s definitely Wladimir’s toughest test to date. Regardless of what people say, it is. Mariusz Wach is levels below Tyson. He’s got nowhere near the boxing skill, movement or speed. Wach is a different ball game altogether. It’s like preparing a donkey against a racehorse.

“You’re going to see a whole new Tyson, different to how he’s ever performed to before. He’s got to raise his levels 10-fold. That’s what he’ll need to do to beat Klitschko and that’s what he will be doing.


“It’s his third week in camp. Everything’s going well and he’s dropped over 35lbs in body weight already. He’s going to be totally lean and he’ll be in the best shape of his whole career.

“This is what he’s always dreamed of, what he’s worked for all his life. He’ll be in the best shape physically and mentally. It’s a fight he knows he can win so he’s looking to bring all those belts back.

“We’re going to do the camp in Ireland. We’re going to Ireland this time because that’s where our ancestors are from and it’s nice to bring Ireland in to be a part of this world title shot.”

Peter Fury added: “I thought Klitschko did well [against Jennings] but it was a boring fight to watch. It wasn’t a good fight. Styles make fights and Jennings is better than people think but it wasn’t a good thing to watch.

“David Haye was afraid of Klitschko and showed that. There’s no fear here – Tyson loves to fight and wants to get in there. It’s a proper even fight. Haye is a cruiserweight-cum-heavyweight whereas this is a real heavyweight fight.

“There are going to be people very excited in the build-up to this fight. I think people have paid for the press conference!”