Today’s Adults Aging 15 Years Faster Than Parents

Today’s 30 year-old people are in such poor physical condition that they are 15 years “older” than their parents and grandparents when they were at the same age, states a new study.

As Dutch scientists write in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, today’s young men and women are significantly more likely to suffer from obesity, hypertension and diabetes than the older generations in their age.

This conclusion is based on monitoring 6,000 volunteers aged 20+, 30+, 40+ and 50+. As the researchers found, the new generations have poorer “metabolic health” than the older ones as they face much more metabolic problems, such as hypertension and obesity.

In fact, today’s 30 year-olds are 20% more likely to have overweight compared to the older generations. Similarly, today’s 20 year-old women are twice as likely to be obese compared to those who were at this age 10 years ago.

Similar were the findings for men and women with regard to hypertension and diabetes.

“Today’s young people are aged 15 years older with regard to metabolic health,” said lead researcher Dr. Gerben Hulsegge of the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and Environment.

He continued: “The modern young adults are doing much worse than their ancestors. The frequency of obesity in today’s 40 year-olds is similar to that in 55 year-olds of the previous generation.

This means that the younger generations are 15 years “ahead” of the older ones, which means that they have the risk of being overweight at an earlier age, with all the consequences for their health.

The same applies for other metabolic problems. Since the health condition of today’s young people is undermined very early, they must take actions now, otherwise the quality of their life will suffer at a very earlier age than they expect.”

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