The Resistance Movement Against Trump and the Republicans Moves to @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell

The resistance movement has been stronger than ever since Donald J. Putin Trump came into office, but now attention is turning to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

New info from Washington shows that Mitch McConnell had direct info that former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was in contacts with the Russians and that he lied to the FBI about it.

McConnell came across the information on accident when talking to the either the FBI or another source, and McConnell still decided to not do anything about it.

The source says that McConnell knew everything was about to fall apart for Flynn, and he might of had advanced knowledge of Trump’s campaign working with Russian Hackers, but he still held back and moved along with his agenda.

This is a clear case of Mitch McConnell continuing to do what Mitch McConnell has always done, put his party before his country. McConnell doesn’t just put his party and his own behind in front of the country, he seems to always put his other agenda’s in front as well…but we can’t say his racist agenda because he might sue us. 

The call has come to tweet the above picture to Mitch every Monday, and also fax the photo to his office and personal fax number (202) 224-2499 and add in the hashtag, #Apologize2America as the Resistance feels Mitch needs to Apologize to America for his actions in holding back Russian info to pass his own personal agenda.

Let us not forget that McConnell was the one who silenced Elizabeth Warren!

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Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey has been a contributing writer and journalist for the Pluto Daily since January 2014.