The Pope and his cadre at the Vatican are hoping to train more priests to perform exorcisms, reports the Daily Beast, in an effort to ward off what it claims is a spike in Satanic worship.

“A new push to train priests in Italy and Spain to perform the mysterious rite of exorcism could rid these two Catholic countries of their demons,” writes DB’s Barbie Latza Nadeau, “or at least confront a growth in occult worship.”

Nadeau quotes a trained exorcist, the nearly 80-year-old Father Vincenzo Taraborelli, who is taking part in a program to enlist more of his kind to cope with the growing influence of pagan, black magic, and occult websites in even the most remote regions of southern Europe.

“Exorcists need to be certified to eliminate the practice of exorcism by untrained novices,” says Taraborelli. “Otherwise it can be very dangerous for the person who believes he is under the devil’s possession.”

Taraborelli adds that popular films provide a false impression of exorcism. And exorcists:

“You often see the exorcist portrayed looking as evil as the possessed.”

Via the Daily Beast.

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily