The NSA Is a Symptom of a Larger Problem

There was a time, not so long ago – before our rampant, annual trade deficit – when a president could get impeached and be forced out of office for the kind of wiretapping that occurs as a matter of course nowadays. The NSA has turned into an Orwellian Big Brother, always spying on its citizens. In this drama we see, on prominent display, two features of modern America that both are contributing to its downfall.

First of all, we see a government that does not care what its citizens think. At a time when a strong majority of Americans want our troops brought home, want foreign adventurism scaled back so that this money can be better allocated to problems facing the country, the government spends, all told, about $1 trillion per year on the military. At a time when solid majorities always express their disapproval of “free trade,” the idiotic ideology that is bankrupting us, the government forges ahead with more, even larger “free trade” proposals.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the government cannot be bothered to curtail its unconstitutional surveillance of Americans. It is commonly recognized as an infringement of our liberties, but it seems the government does not care.

The second disturbing trend highlighted by the NSA is the tepid American response. Of course there are those who have expressed anger, but for a nation that was founded on a revolution, it is disappointing how few people are actually marching in the streets.

That is the situation. The government does what it wants, we don’t like it, but nothing is done about it. There is no true media to speak out, to get the masses riled up, just government propaganda stations. There is no fair way to vote better people into office, because after Citizens United the rich control the electoral process. As long as we can keep consuming on borrowed money, and put off the reckoning day a little longer, there is little reason to suppose this will change.

But it needs to change if we are to save the country. Our leaders have been remiss in their responsibilities and you can let them know about it. If you send this article to your friends, they might do the same.

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