The Media and the Killing of Children; Sign the Petition

Michael Bentley:

Media has been having a money-making field day with the tragedy in Connecticut. Sure, we all understand that there is story to report, but let us not forget what happened. There was a terrible crime here. I have read on several outlets over the past few days, and I have seen a word used that has been quite troubling.


That word is “brilliant”, and sure it said.  Some kid somewhere said it about, Adam Lanza. The same person called him, “quiet and brilliant”. I don’t think this gives us a case to call a person who shoots children “brilliant”.


The media has been a problem to start with. Yes, gun control and mental health might be higher on the list, but please don’t put this kid into any type of limelight. Copycat crimes due happen. Let’s not focus the on the criminal here.


This is a tragedy on a few levels. Let us, as the media, not be apart of it. Let us cover the story, the victims, and report on how we can help.


When Fred Rogers was a child whenever something bad happened on TV, his mother told him to look for the helpers. The people helping in the tragedy. Terrible things are going to happen, but let us do what is right for the people.


Please go sign my petition to make it illegal for news and media to show the faces of mass murderers. They don’t deserve the attention.


Here is the link, let us prevent copycat from doing this for attention!


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