SynapSense® and Yahoo Partner to Improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Quincy Data Center

SynapSense® Corporation, the leading provider of wireless monitoring and cooling control solutions, and Yahoo! Inc. today announced a joint project which will save 4.6 million kilowatt hours of energy annually at Yahoo’s data center in Quincy, Washington.

Building upon award winning work which earned them recognition by Silicon Valley Power as “Energy Innovators,” SynapSense and Yahoo are working together on this project to reduce cooling costs, recover stranded cooling capacity and improve operational resiliency of the data center’s cooling infrastructure.

“At Yahoo, we’re focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining — and our state-of-the-art data centers power our users’ daily habits,” said Chris Page, Yahoo’s Global Director for Energy and Sustainability Strategy. “Our partnership with SynapSense will further our efforts to ensure our data centers are as energy efficient as possible. We look forward to working together with SynapSense to maximize our cooling efficiency and lower our overall carbon footprint.”

“Reducing the cooling energy in the Yahoo data center by 37% demonstrates the effectiveness of our partnership and the SynapSense Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Control solution,” said Bart Tichelman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SynapSense. “Working together, we achieve these objectives while increasing data center reliability, and pay for the system with the energy savings.”

This project consists of three phases. Once the Wireless Environmental Monitoring is deployed in phase one, SynapSense Professional Services, in partnership with the Yahoo team, utilize SynapSense advanced tools and metrics to optimize data center cooling and “balance” the airflow. In phase 3, SynapSense Active Control™ automatically maintains efficient operating conditions by dynamically matching cooling to the varying equipment and conditions in the data center. As a result, operational reliability is enhanced while maximizing energy savings.

About SynapSense

SynapSense is the leading provider of wireless data center monitoring and cooling control solutions. The SynapSense Data Center Solution delivers unparalleled visibility, reliability and energy efficiency in the world’s leading data centers. For more information,

About Yahoo

Yahoo is focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses. Yahoo is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has offices located throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. For more information, visit the pressroom ( or the Company’s blog (

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily