Sheriffs Nearly Kill Man In Revenge, FBI Now Investigating Execution of His Close Friend and Supporter

In the city of Huntsville, Alabama a handyman named Robert Bryant was stalked by Madison County sheriff’s deputies, then pulled over in a bogus traffic stop, and brutally beaten – while handcuffed – on the side of a road back in October 2013.

Local sources tell us that this was all in retaliation for a “barroom scuffle” when Bryant beat off-duty deputy Justin Watson in a mutually-drunken fist-fight.

A man named Jason Klonowski began speaking out for Bryant, making a lot of noise about this abuse of power.

Klonowski helped pay Bryant’s legal bills, he paid for signs and t-shirts that decried the injustice and hired Bryant to do work on his farm, in order to help pay the bills.

At a public rally for support of Bryant, Klonowski said on September 28, 2013 that he “would not stop until at least two deputies, Watson and Jake Church, were in prison.”

But a month later, Klonowski was found dead, with three gunshots to the back of the head.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is investigating this unsolved murder of Jason Klonowski, and the FBI is looking into possible violations in the beating of Bryant.

The county paid $625,000 to settle the suit that Bryant raised, in part with the help of Klonowski before he died.

We are currently investigating this series of crimes and will update you as more information becomes available. Stay tuned!

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily