Shane Mosley Jr knocks out Jason Kelly in his BKB debut


Well here is the video first, and an explanation of what BKB is afterwards…

So, what is BKB anyway?

BKB, or Big-Knockout Boxing, was developed by DIRECTV and has been sanctioned by Nevada State Athletic Commission for two years.

… It’s boxing with a twist.

The boxers fight in “The Pit,” a 17-foot diameter circular arena and there are no ropes. Walls surround The Pit to keep the fighters in the middle thus encouraging action. Moreover, fighters are expected to slug it out for five or seven (for title fights) two-minute rounds.

Mosley Jr., who is 4-1, in ‘real’ boxing including 4 KOs says he won’t move to BK full time, but he wanted the exposure and he felt like it was a good fit for himself as far as fighting and branding.

Never knock the hustle, I guess.