Security Guard Crushed At Ultra Music Festival

 A female guard is in the hospital after being crushed at Ultra on Friday night.

According to Miami Police, the 28-year old  guard was working for Ultra when she was trampled while trying to stop  a group who stormed a fence to get inside the event.

The people who stormed the fence at Southeast 1st Street and Biscayne Boulevard were trying to crash the event since they did not have tickets, according to our news partners the Miami Herald.

Paramedics rushed her to the hospital. They said the situation could have been prevented if people entered ultra the way they were supposed to.

According to the paper, she is in “extremely critical” condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital with severe brain hemorrhaging.

Miami’s homicide unit are looking for anyone who may have witnessesed the incident.

Miami Police has uniformed and undercover officers inside and outside of Ultra.

Jessica Schulyer said she feels relatively safe inside the gates of Ultra, but she’s concerned after hearing what happened to the security guard.

“If it could happen to her, it could happen to me,” said Schulyer.

City of Miami Comissioner Marc Sarnoff said the situation could have been predicted and prevented and he is calling for answers, investigations, and an end to Ultra in Miami.

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