SBA Held First in Series of Workshops on Entrepreneurial Growth

The economy is looking up and business growth is literally exploding. Recently the Small Business Association launched a series entitled Big Think which will be held in a number workshops at various locations around the country. The first in the series was held on the 21st September at the Business School of Rutgers University. Further offerings will be announced on the SBA website, but all have the purpose of promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in the US. With such a huge number of startups in literally every area of the country, the SBA aims to give budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed.

What Defines a Small Business?

According to the Small Business Association, a small business is technically defined as one that has 500 or fewer employees. To many, that is a huge enterprise and especially so for a new business just starting out. With business growth as the primary focus of the series, the SBA intends to help startups achieve economic mobility by teaching them how to break down the barriers to starting a flourishing business in all 50 states. In their most recent report as of February of this year, the SBA noted a marked increase in the number of small businesses starting out and as a result, they offer the series in an effort to help these startups grow beyond that first critical year.

Starting Small with an Eye on Growth

Of course every entrepreneur envisions a Fortune 500 company but few make the grade. Even so, with a proper perspective and some well-defined goals, the SBA believes that most businesses can thrive over the long haul. The workshops will empower entrepreneurs to go after their dreams by showing them how to find the resources they need to make a go of it. Economic experts, entrepreneurial advocates and a string of small business owners who achieved success will be the main speakers.

Providing the Tools for Growth

Not only will the series discuss funding in the form of grants and loans but it is thought that there will be an emphasis on sound financial planning. Operational costs will most likely be discussed and ways to cut back on expenditures will be a key issue. Businesses will be taught the ways in which to utilize what they have on hand while also working towards updating and upgrading their business. For example, a company just starting out may not have the financial wherewithal to build a stationary loading dock, so concepts like using a forklift ramp in the interim may be discussed.

As a government body tasked with overseeing the start and success of small businesses around the country, the SBA is offering this series to better assist startups during those early critical days. If you are currently starting a new business or have recently opened your doors, these workshops can help you better understand what is involved while showing you where to find the resources you need.

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Sasha Perkins

Administrative Assistant and Journalist at the Pluto Daily since 2012.