Research Shows Many Oilfield Injuries Go Unreported

Workplace safety is a prime consideration for most businesses and employees alike. The motivation for workplace conditions to be safe may be motivated by different factors, depending on who you ask. Businesses largely do not want to face unsafe work conditions, as the result can reduce worker productivity and result in potential liabilities – tangible or otherwise. Employees desire a safe workplace for their own protection. In the oil industry, however, workplace safety issues and the injuries caused by them are largely unreported, leading to unsafe working conditions and a reduction in the quality of life for many workers.
• Oilfield Accident Statistics
On average, more than 100 oilfield workers are killed each year while on the job in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those, roughly 40 percent occur in the state of Texas. In addition to that, more than 80 oilfield workers lost limbs, 80 were involved in accidents that crushed one or more parts of the body, roughly 90 suffered burns due to on-site accidents and nearly 700 experienced injuries that resulted in broken bones. Yet, the startling reality is that this is only among the injuries that are reported by both employee and employer. Employers in many cases will go to great lengths to hide or avoid at all costs any mentions of injuries due to strict workplace safety protocols that may not be followed on-site at the time of the accident.
• Nature of Accidents
There are many different reasons that oilfield accidents can occur, with several being the responsibility of the employer. Delays in equipment repair and maintenance is a prime reason why these accidents occur, as is the lack of proper training provided by employers to employees. Carelessness on the part of the employee can also be a reason behind workplace accidents on the oilfield, but it is not as often the primary cause. Communication methods used on-site can result in accidents that would not have occurred otherwise. Perhaps most common, safety protocols being ignored by employers result in loss of life or injury on an all-too-frequent basis.
• You Need Assistance
Some employers will do anything to avoid reporting an injury – relocating you to another, less physical worksite, offering to pay you under the table, or even intimidating you into not filing a worker’s compensation claim – so it is important to act immediately. The oilfield injury attorneys at Slack & Davis are seasoned professionals who are equipped to help those injured on the oilfields in Texas receive proper compensation for any injuries that occurred as the result of employer negligence. The longer you wait to act, the lower the chances of a successful worker’s compensation claim being filed become.
Whether you have been injured in a drilling accident, construction, maintenance, pipeline transportation or through a less common mode of oilfield work such as storage, you deserve assistance. Slack & Davis’ oilfield injury attorneys have years of experience successfully representing injured workers and their families, so do not hesitate to pick up the phone to begin the process of making things right.

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