Police Shoot Protester Wearing Anonymous Mask, ‘Hacktivist’ Group Vows to ‘Avenge’ His Death

Anonymous has just issued a promise that they will retaliate and “avenge” the death of an activist wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, who was shot by police outside a Dawson Creek restaurant.

Now, British Columbia’s law enforcement watchdog is saying that the man who had police called on him was not the same person who police showed up and opened fire on. The victim, was apparently just shot for wearing the well-known “Anonymous” mask, adopted from the movie “V For Vendetta.”

“We verified, verified, verified. At two o’clock I was told the same guy, at three o’clock I was told the same guy, then I land in Dawson Creek and I’m told ‘different guy,’” Kellie Kilpatrick, the executive director of public accountability at the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) said during a press conference Friday.

Both the IIO as well as the Canadian RCMP have roughly the same details. They both say the shooting took place “outside a public information session on the Site C dam,” according to Alaska Highway News.

They both agree that the victim was “believed to be connected” to the minor disturbance that had taken place inside, but the IIO disputes that he had anything to do with the incident whatsoever.

Alaska Highway News reports that “the man who reportedly flipped tables and destroyed maps at the BC Hydro event is alive, while another is dead.”

Now, Anonymous is responding, saying that they will “avenge” this young man’s death.

Alaska Highway News reports that “The IIO could not yet confirm what the victim was doing at the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant on the evening of July 16, but said he had a knife. Police shot the man after he acted aggressively and refused to comply with police instructions. He died shortly after. Little is known about him, as investigators have not released his name.”

“Since the beginning of the operations of the IIO, we’ve not seen a case that has quite as many moving parts as this one,” Kilpatrick said.

“The RCMP as well as the IIO spent close to four hours last night confirming what we thought was the most relevant, most accurate information. To come speak to you now almost 24 hours later, and provide a significant change in the information is not something we typically find ourselves dealing with,” she added. “That’s a fairly substantive clarification that needed to be made.”

The video of the incident shows officers pointing guns at the man, who does seem to have some object, but it is unclear what it is.

Alaska Highway News reports that an “open house about construction of the controversial $8.8-billion Site C dam was taking place in banquet facilities of the restaurant that evening.”

Inside, attendees say that “a man flipped tables and tore display boards illustrating the dam from their stands before being escorted out of the room.”

Kilpatrick said that the protestor who was inside, “never did come into contact with police.”

“That’s something our investigators have been following up on today. I don’t have the answer to that,” Kilpatrick added.

“What an officer carries on his toolbelt varies depending on officer location, detachment and the type of work they are doing.”

What they know for sure, so far, Kilpatrick said, “police came in response to the disturbance and found themselves in contact with this other individual.”

The IIO asks that “In this day of social media, we aware that there is a lot of information circulating out there. We’re very interested in speaking with anyone who has information about what they saw or what they heard here last evening.”

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