Paul Pierce is Going Home to Play for Doc

paul pierce

LA native Paul Pierce is finally going to play for his hometown. It won’t be for the Purple and Gold team that he grew up cheering for, but rather the team that his former Celtics coach, Doc Rivers coaches, the Clippers.

Pierce and the Clippers have agreed to a three year deal worth $10 million bucks. The 37 year old Pierce had a solid year last year with the Wizards after a not so great year in Brooklyn after being exiled from the Celtics with Kevin Garnett.

Pierce carried the Boston franchise for much of his career, and when Garnett and Ray Allen came to join him to create the 2008 Big 3, they won the championship beating the Lakers in 6 games.Pierce was the MVP of the Finals. The Celtics went back to Finals in 2010 losing to the Lakers in 7 games. Pierce and Garnett were traded in 2013 along with Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets, and they quickly found out how overrated and/or off Deron Williams could be on any given night.

Pierce and Garnett parted ways last season with Garnett going home to play for the Minnesota franchise that he carried for so long, and Pierce found a home with the Wizards. It wasn’t just a home, it was a rejuvenation, and with it the world saw the clutch Paul Pierce again.

A man labelled the poor man’s Larry Bird, is now returning to the city he grew up in and to the coach that he won a title with in Doc Rivers. The Clippers have been on the verge of getting over the hump since they got over the last hump of getting over humps, but the next hump is an NBA Finals.

Pierce might be exactly what Lob City needs, a crafty veteran with a knack for hitting big shots. The Clippers have a star in Blake Griffin, and a solid (even if I say overrated) point guard in Chris Paul, but they need a shot maker like Pierce.

Pierce has always been a liability on defense so nothing changes there in the scouting report of the former Kansas Jayhawk star.

Doc knows how to use Pierce, and Pierce knows how to hit big shots. If the Clippers can re-sign center DeAndre Jordan, they would remain enter the best of the west convo again. Jordan will meet with the Clippers on Thursday and has meetings set up with the Mavericks and the Lakers.

Pierce is a great piece to a big puzzle, but Jordan is the catalyst. Jordan led the league in rebounding with 15 a game and led the league in field goal percentage. Jordan is only 26 years old, and any team that lands him will have one of the top young centers in the game.


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