Parents killed in murder-suicide after son goes to prom

Detroit police say a father waited until his son went to prom then killed the boy’s mother and turned the gun on himself.

Despite living in Florida, the best friend of 45-year-old Kim Landrum Mabins of Detroit says she would speak to her childhood friend every day.

“I feel a sense of failure, like I let her down,” said Bernadette Cannonier, Mabin’s best friend.

She says Thursday evening was no different. Kim sent her pictures of her 17-year-old son getting ready for prom outside their home on Prest Street, not knowing that would be the last conversation they would ever have.

“We feel like we failed, like was she trying to tell us something but couldn’t,” Cannonier said.

Detroit police say that less than two hours after sending him off in a limo and the family leaving, Kim’s husband, 58-year-old Greg Mabins, shot her in the back. He then made a heart-wrenching phone call to Kim’s mother.

“Her husband basically called her and said that he murdered her,” Cannonier said. “And that he was sorry.”

After apologizing, family friends say he told Kim’s mother not to worry, because he would be dead before anyone got there.

Moments later, police say, Mabins shot himself in the head and died on the way to the hospital.

“I never thought it would come to this,” said Chaka Johnson, a friend of Kim. “It was a shock when I got the call.”

Kim’s close friends say her husband was verbally and physically abusive for years, but say within the last couple of months, things had gotten better.

Her friends say Kim was saving money to spend time in Florida and wanted to give her son an unforgettable prom, and graduation party.

“These next two weeks were the most important two weeks to her,’ said Cannonier. “She wanted to see her son graduate.”

“She talked about her son’s prom coming up,” Johnson said. “And graduation. She just had all smiles on her face. When she left I gave her a hug and said ‘I’ll see you Saturday.'”

Now as two families are ripped apart, those left behind are thinking of their son and anyone going through the violence that friends say took Kim’s life.

“There are people who will do anything to help someone get out of that situation,” Cannonier said. “It is nothing to be ashamed of.”

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