NYC Protestors Tried to Burn American Flags—But They Got a Rude Awakening When These Guys Showed Up

Last night, a highly controversial flag burning event was held by the group Disarm the NYPD — but it didn’t go exactly as they’d planned.

The protestors began to show up at the designated 7:30PM start time, but guess who was waiting for them?

A whole bunch of veterans and bikers.

The counter-protesters got in the way of anyone who tried to burn a flag.

Some protesters were able to burn a few flags, but most flags were snatched away…

…By people like this guy:

Here’s a fallen flag:

Eventually the protesters were chased out of Fort Greene Park by the large group of bikers and veterans.

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Sasha Perkins

Administrative Assistant and Journalist at the Pluto Daily since 2012.