North Korea Leader Orders Military to Prepare for War

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un ordered military generals to ready for a state of war from 5:00 p.m. local time Friday, according to two news reports.

The declaration came after North Korea traded artillery fire with neighboring South Korea over the latter’s use of a loudspeaker to broadcast propaganda into the communist country.

Both sides started using loudspeakers to broadcast propaganda since the early 1990s, but agreed to discontinue their use in 2004. The silence lasted for more than a decade until recently when South Korea began resuming their transmission of propaganda aimed at the north.

North Korea has threatened further military action if the loudspeaker broadcasts do not stop within 48 hours.

South Korea fired tens of artillery rounds towards North Korea on Thursday after the North fired a suspected projectile towards a South Korean loudspeaker that had been blaring anti-Pyongyang broadcasts, South Korea’s defense ministry said

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