No sign of Ebola in the blood of Teresa Romero

Negative Ebola viral load is the result of the last test done to Teresa Romero nursing assistant, as has been told La Sexta Noticias. The hypothesis that Teresa can beat the disease takes more and more force. His improvement is more relevant since the first infected by Ebola in Europe asks to eating.

“She has eaten solid, has taken an omelet,” says family spokesman. Friday started with something light like a little broth and juice. He also had lunch a banana, and allowed one tortilla and turkey steak for dinner.

Teresa’s fight against Ebola seems to reach the finish line, and although still shows signs of distress, his attitude is very positive. To confirm that Romero has managed to remove the virus from your body have to await the outcome of the analysis which was performed within 48 hours .

Teresa has been treated with antiviral drugs, and these could disguise the presence of the virus in the results. Confirmed that the nursing assistant does not have Ebola could begin to receive family visits.

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