No Love or Aldridge for Lakers

Kobe and Aldridge

Reports emerged earlier on Wednesday that Aldridge wasn’t impressed by his meeting with the Lakers, with Bresnahan adding that the free agent power forward “didn’t quite gel” with Kobe Bryant, who attended the meeting.

The reports are stating that the Lakers focused too much on the marketing side of Los Angeles and not enough of the basketball side of the Lakers.

Aldridge, who is also considering playing for the Spurs in the small market of San Antonio, should know that the Lake Show is a great place to play basketball with the long tradition of winning, but the Lake Show should also know if Aldridge is considering San Antonio as an option that marketing probably isn’t high on his list of things to hear in a pitch.

It won’t be long until the critics come out against Kobe and say once again he can’t land a big time free agent. Actually scratch that, it has already become Kobe Bean’s fault according to Mike Bresnahan:

Mike Bresnahan twitter

Regardless it seems the Lakers have lost with Aldridge and the the Suns have entered the ring with the signing of Tyson Chandler. Chandler is a true 5, and Aldridge wants to play the 4. Plus the Suns have the money to land LA.

Why the Lakers didn’t make a pitch at Tyson Chandler is just another example of the Lakers thinking big and landing nobody.

A rim defender like Chandler who is also an NBA champion would have been a great fit for this Lakers squad. He might not be a spring chicken, but he can still play and he always plays hard on defense.

Kevin Love didn’t even need to meet with the Lake Show as he signed a 5 year $110 milly deal with Cleveland and Lebron.

No Love, No Aldridge, No Chandler(or even an attempt), and probably nobody else means what for the Lake Show?

Sadly for Laker fans it means another dreadful year followed by a ping pong ball.