Nigerian soldiers in Liberia free of Ebola – Military

The Nigerian military has debunked claims that one of its soldiers tested positive to the deadly Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, in Liberia.

In a tweet on Friday, the Defence Headquarters said the Nigerian troops were only confined to their camp as precautionary measures and for medical observations.

The DHQ said this decision was taken after a Sudanese staff of the United Nations, UN, was reported to have manifested symptoms of the deadly disease.

“All necessary steps are also being taken to ensure that none of the Nigerian troops is affected by the disease while serving in Liberia,” the DHQ said.

The Director, Nigerian Army Medical Corps, Obashina Ogunbiyi, was quoted by Daily Trust to have said that the Sudanese died two days after he went into the troop’s camp to pray.

Mr. Ogunbiyi, a Major General, while speaking to a team of experts from the Ebola Treatment Group, TRG, said the troops were all quarantined on Thursday morning.

He said it is necessary to note that Nigeria still faces the threat of the Ebola Virus Disease especially if any of the soldiers return home.

He also noted that about 1, 300 Nigerian troops were serving in Liberia.

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Dan Mullin is an active writer and editor for the Pluto Daily who covered the 2014 Ebola Outbreak. Mullin attended the Wake Forest School of Medicine before leaving to pursue his lifelong science goal of allowing humans to live forever via a computer/brain transfer.