Musicians Against Trump Preparing June 12th Protest

As the Resistance against President Trump continues with a March for Science set for April 22nd in different cities across the US, a new date has been set for the Musicians Against Trump event. The date has been announced for June 12th, but many questions and acts are still pending.

Musicians Against Trump also known as Music Trumps Trump LLC will hold their protest on the 12th of June a Monday. It was announced by the Facebook page for the group. FACEBOOK PAGE

Musicians Against Trump has announced via its Facebook Page that a digital event will take place on the 12 of June. The page which was just launched last week in conjunction with a Twitter account and a GoFundMe account has been sparse on the details about the event.

The rumors and speculation about the event continue to test the realms of imagination. It appears that a ‘bigly’ event is in the works.

The Facebook page has the following under it’s about me section: “Musicians Against Trump is a musical event that will take place online on June 12th 2017. It will be the biggest digital music event ever, and will feature musicians all across the globe.”

The question of where has been answered as it will be seen online, but bigger questions of Who and What are still unanswered.

The What is exactly that, what type of digital event will take place in June, and the even bigger question seems to be who? Who are the musicians that will be involved?

A spokesperson from the the Facebook page has stated only that this will take place across the globe and will be seen online. It will be a digital event.

The who hasn’t been clarified, but the spokesperson said that this event will feature 250 different acts. 250 different acts would make it one of the biggest events ever.

The spokesperson said they are still looking for all genres to fill some of these major slots.

The Twitter account, MusicVsTrump has stated that contact has been made to several high profile anti-Trump musicians including Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, and the lead MC of the Roots, Black Thought. The list of musicians who could be on this event is pretty endless as almost everyone in the entertainment world this side of Scott Baio has been against President Trump.

June 12th is the date set for another big movement by the Resistance. If you are a musician, band, MC, artist, or just want to get involved with the movement shoot an email to



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