Milo Yiannopoulos vs George Takei The Difference

Now this is hard as heck to write, but since Milo Yiannopoulos was fired and destroyed for his comments about saying that a relationship between a boy and an adult man is ok…

Now Milo (well we can’t say him for sure, but more than likely Milo) is trying to attack George Takei for some comments that George said. You can listen to the comments below, but this is real easy to breakdown.

Both were molested by older men, but Milo is saying that he says a boy having a relationship with an older man is a good thing while George is just stating that he his molestation happened.

Both play victims of stockholm syndrome, and don’t say anything bad about the person who molested them.

Do you see the difference? Both were molested, but Milo says a relationship between a boy and man, when both are homosexual, is a good thing. That is the difference, and if you don’t see that, don’t understand that, and you are trying to stand up for Milo here then you might have other issues.

Now can we move on from all this child molestation talk because it is grossing out our country!


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Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey has been a contributing writer and journalist for the Pluto Daily since January 2014.