Michigan Pastor Advises Kid to Kill Himself for Being Gay


Gay, anti-gay pastor, reaches peak hypocrisy with disgraceful act

Matt Makela was disgraced earlier this week after reports came out accusing the Michigan church leader of soliciting gay sex on the online dating app Grindr. They had pictures.

Apparently, that was only the tip of Makela’s hypocritical iceberg considering the despicable stunt he pulled when a troubled teenager came to him for advice. 17-year old Tyler Kish, who is gay, went to Makela seeking guidance about a year ago, and Makela did his best to guide him to his grave. According to Kish’s mother, this was the message the Michigan pastor had for Tyler.

If he was going to go to hell for being gay that he might as well go to hell by committing suicide.

The same man on Grindr looking for…right.

As if the situation wasn’t already absolutely horrible, Makela’s church had the nerve to play spin doctor and lessen the blow of their pastor’s despicable, ungodly behavior.


“Never about the details of sin?” Pastor Kempin is bold as hell for signing this.

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Walter Skinner

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