Police in the United Kingdom are on the lookout for two men who stole Christmas money from an elderly couple in broad daylight.

According to West Midlands Police, the couple was going about their Christmas shopping on Dec. 17, when two men approached them. While one was talking to the couple, the other culprit snuck into their trunk and stole $700 from the woman’s purse. Police told reporters the robbery wasn’t random as the suspects followed the elderly couple to the bank and watched them take out the money.

“This was a well-planned theft in which the suspects coldly and deliberately targeted the elderly couple,” Detective Sergeant Dave Faries said. “Not only did they follow them in the bank, but they also shadowed them as they carried out their shopping − waiting for the right time to pounce.”

After hearing about the cruel act, the bank happily refunded the couple back the money. Fairies stated the men haven’t been caught but are hoping they can track them down thanks to surveillance cameras from a local store.

“I’d also like to urge people to be on their guard against such tactics and if a stranger approaches you in the street, make sure you keep an eye on your belongings and report any suspicious activity to police.” Fairies said.

Source: West Midlands Police

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Sasha Perkins

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