Mayweather Says No to Keith Thurman, Thurman Speaks


Mayweather and his camp are saying ‘no’ to a fight with Keith Thurman. Here is how Thurman feels:

“As a welterweight, I see myself easily in the top three, and I plan on proving that each and every time we step into the ring. I’m going to work my way up to No. 1, and I’ve been dedicating myself to the sport for a very long time,” he told ” I have showed diversity each and every time. I’m evolving in the sport of boxing. I have fun; I enjoy my job, and I look forward to each match and – forever long it lasts – being on top of the welterweight division.”

Thurman who fights this weekend in Tampa, Florida vs Luis Collazo, shouldn’t overlook Collazo. Thurman went on to speak on Mayweather, however, despite our warnings of overlooking Collazo, “I believe I am currently already in the conversation [to face Mayweather]. I believe the way that I perform [against Collazo] could elevate the topic more. It’s interesting. Floyd has – to me, for the most part – kept his mouth shut on who he wants to fight next and what’s going to happen in September. “So maybe he is looking to see what’s going on in the welterweight division and which fighter in the Top 10 he is truly willing to fight. I would love a fight against Mayweather and have been talking about it for a few years now. He is the king, and I say that every king has his day. I’d like him to come see me one time.”

Al Bernstein and our own, Catfish Hughes, have both said that Thurman has the chance to beat Mayweather, and maybe that is why Money won’t get in the ring with him.

In other news, Amir Khan says he will get in the ring with Thurman.

“I would definitely be interested in a fight with Thurman if he wins [against Collazo],” Khan told “I’ve never ducked any fighter and a fight with Thurman is one I would certainly be open to. He’s undefeated and we have two explosive styles so it would be a cracking fight and one not to miss.”

Interesting, considering how bad Khan looked in his last fight.

More details are pending…