Massive Explosion Rocks Ukraine: Chemical Factory, or Nuke?


Above is the explosion from space

In the Ukraine, a massive explosion rocked the city of Donetsk as the military apparently struck a chemical plant. A Ukrainian MP, Boris Filatov, was quick to praise the soldiers for hitting a target, but apparently did not know nor much care for what he had actually hit (yup, clearly he cares about civilians living in the East). The former deputy head of the industrial Dnepropetrovsk Region and member of the Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada, said on his Facebook page that they, “don’t know what they hit.” This case of the head not knowing (or caring) what the hand is doing, highlights the indiscriminate nature of the bombing campaign championed by Kiev and its intention to completely annihilate any form of resistance from even civilians in the east.

Video of the explosion shows a mushroom cloud and a blinding flash of light. There is some speculation that it was, in fact, a small nuclear explosion due to these characteristics, though other reports state that it was a simple explosion resulting from ignition of ammunition being produced at the factory, which seems more plausible but for the sheer magnitude of the explosion. I would not speculate on the nature of the kind of shell that had caused the massive explosion, though I would love to seize this opportunity to go through Kiev’s love-affair with banned weapons, such as cluster bombs and white phosphorous.

Even staunch ally, John McCain, admits that Kiev was using cluster bombs, a weapon banned by the 2008 convention against cluster munitions. It seems, however, that he believes that if America had sent EVEN MORE conventional arms, they would not have had to use it. Cluster bombs are indiscriminate, sending bomblets into nearby homes. Further, when the bomblets fail, they remain lethal and may detonate later when civilians pick them up, long after the conflict had ended. Human Rights Watch had blamed Kiev for not bothering to investigate the use of the banned weapon, but Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk responded by claiming, “there is no evidence of that.” Better tell John that, Arseny.

As reported by the Daily Mail, among many other media outlets, the Ukrainian army had also used white phosphorous a while back – a weapon banned by the Geneva Convention. You can clearly tell by the luminescent appearance of the substance raining down in the Daily Mail video that it is in fact white phosphorous. Why the Daily Mail seems to think that this is only an allegation is beyond me. White Phosphorous, or WP bombs, are named for their main payload, white phosphorous. When exposed to air, this incendiary chemical immediately combusts and cannot be put out by water. It also adheres to the skin. People afflicted by it are forced to watch their flesh melt away.

And then we have a final word from the spokesman for Kiev’s Anti-Terrorist Operation, despite what his peer had said earlier:

“This was caused by a dropped cigarette butt,” Andrey Lysenko told the media on Monday.

“Accidents often happen in factories where no one is responsible for fire safety. Well, it’s chaos, and they are barbarians.”

Yeah, a lit cigarette caused an explosion that was so potent that it could be felt for miles around. And the usual demonize-your-foe propaganda, calling your own citizens in the East ‘barbarians’… it REALLY feels like they want to ‘save’ all those civilians now…

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily