Marijuana: Insertable Cannabis Suppositories Said to Relieve Menstrual Pain

Women who used the tampon-like vaginal capsules said they eased cramps and other pain, multiple outlets reported. They are only available in states where cannabis is legal and are not FDA approved.

“The product is not yet FDA-recommended and the company encourages anyone using the product to ask her (or his!) doctor before using Foria Relief with other medications. All other signs point to go. Or up? Or in? Let’s go with all up in. Enjoy.”
“Foria Relief changed my life. Battling severe endometriosis every month, I was ecstatic when Foria created a product for menstrual cramps. As a huge fan of Foria pleasure already, I was confident their product would relieve my pain. One suppository eliminated my pain within 15 minutes and has continued for over 24 hours. There are no psychoactive effects, unlike the 2 Norco‚Äôs I used to take every 4 hours to barely manage the pain. Thank you, Foria for making me a happier and healthier person!”
~Tara, age 35 Foria Relief Patient

Foria Relief is a $44 four-pack of suppositories made of organic cocoa butter, carbon dioxide-distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate. You insert it as you would a tampon to “deliver the medicine directly to where it is needed most.” It can also be inserted rectally if you need relief

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Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey has been a contributing writer and journalist for the Pluto Daily since January 2014.