Mali suffers second case of Ebola

Mali has suffered a new case of Ebola infection — separate from its only other one detected last month — with the death of a nurse who treated a patient from Guinea, medical sources said late Tuesday.

“The nurse, who had been in contact with a Guinean national who died of the illness, died in turn,” the head of the Pasteur Clinic in the capital Bamako told AFP, adding that tests had confirmed the Ebola virus.

The second case involves a nurse based in Bamako who was treating a Malian national, a traditional healer who had interacted with ailing Guinean patients who it is now confirmed died of ebola.
We have reports, not totally confirmed that the Malian faith healer was given a traditional burial, which as has been discussed is a dangerous vector through which to spread the disease.
The nurse has also died of the disease as of Tuesday evening.
The death occurred at Clinque Pasteur, widely regarded to be one of Mali’s most prestigious health facilities.
So far no words on contact tracing, potential quaratines, or analysis of how the nurse coped with ebola.
There are unconfirmed reports that a staff doctor at clinque pastuer is ill and has been quaratined with ebola-like symptoms.


The epidemic of Ebola has not finished crack in Mali. On Monday evening, the Malian population was relieved and delighted to learn that all those who have been in contact with the little girl died of Ebola were unharmed after their quarantine by health authorities of our country. The information was given by the Minister of Health in person. The joy was short-lived because the next day, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health has informed the national and international community of a new Ebola cases.
No other details were given by the authorities for this new contamination. From a reliable source the Afrikan writing was informed about the odyssey of this new contamination that borders with the absurd and irresponsible.
Indeed, according to our information, this new contamination is again taking its source in Guinea. A Guinean family suffering from Ebola have used a marabout in Mali who had traveled to Guinea to care for sick family.
Unfortunately the family died, and the marabout healer infected by the virus returned to Mali after his Guinean stay. Taken discomfort, the marabout went to the Pasteur clinic. patients admitted to the clinic had all the symptoms of Ebola.
Supported without any precaution by the clinic, and without having informed the authorities, the patient will die afterwards. The death of the marabout was in two weeks. Even more surprising, Clinical pastor gave no warning, but worse, she allowed the family to recover the body of the deceased marabout, to wash and then bury it without any protection. Today it is a doctor of clinical Shepherd who alerted the authorities anonymously because the nurse who was responsible for the management of this marabout symptoms of Ebola haemorrhagic fever. This is in response to this alert, the nurse was supported and tests are underway to determine if the nurse is contaminated.
His death due to this new Ebola cases of contamination posed several questions to know the irresponsibility of clinical pastor accused in a while bad practices, yet with a good reputation. This also raises the question of maintaining the openness of our borders with Guinea Conakry. Risk-taking populations with respect to this disease are also noteworthy. It would certainly continue to intensify awareness campaigns around this highly contagious disease that continues to claim victims.

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Dan Mullin is an active writer and editor for the Pluto Daily who covered the 2014 Ebola Outbreak. Mullin attended the Wake Forest School of Medicine before leaving to pursue his lifelong science goal of allowing humans to live forever via a computer/brain transfer.