Malcolm Nance Says Priebus Absolutely Involved In Russia Coverup

On Saturday, counter-terorrism expert Malcolm Nance told MSNBC guest host Jonathan Capehart that Reince Priebus’s recent conversations with FBI officials indicate that the Trump administration is in the early stages of a “cover-up.”

Just Friday, it was reported that Priebus had met with FBI director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe and asked them to refute stories about Russia’s ties to President Trump’s campaign.

Senior Trump officials have claimed that Priebus did nothing wrong in contacting FBI officials because they only discussed news reports, rather than the actual investigation into Russia’s election interference. However, people like Nance beg to differ.

Nance accused Priebus of trying to steer attention away from Trump’s Russia ties:

‘This is just trying to get your eye off the ball. Russia conducted a full scale national cyber warfare operation against the United States and it appears there was some level of coordination.’

He later added:

‘The question is: what did they know, when did they know it and were they in collusion? What’s happening with Reince Priebus now is, he is trying to divert the message by going and playing the very people who should not be talking to him about “simmer this down, tamp this down.”

‘They’re very worried and, and to tell you the truth, I think they’re preparing for stage one of their cover-up.’

Capehart also asked Nance about what he called “official resistance” from the White House and Congress about investigating ties to Russia, after pointing to a recent poll that reveals 53% of Americans believe that Congress should be conducting such an investigation.

Capehart asked, “How long can they resist basically doing their job?”

Nance responded by also accusing members of Congress of covering up inappropriate connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

‘These two chairmen of these committees, the senate intelligence and the house intelligence, they have an oath, they have a loyalty to this nation’s security first, and if they’re going to cover up, ’cause that’s what it is, no matter how insignificant the contacts that they had with the Russians…then they are doing a disservice to this nation and they should just give up their positions.’

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