Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Updates

  • SAR area covers 50 nautical miles radius and covers possible turnback area
  • Various neighbouring countries are assisting to locate missing aircrafts. 34 aircraft, 40 ships, +100 men, +1000 man hours have been deployed. Countries: Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Australia and the Phillipines
  • Air search daily 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., ship search continues through the night.
  • Nothing has been found that appears to be debris from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft
  • Various reports of sighting of objects in the media. Vietnamese authorities have reported locating a piece of the aircraft – a door – but that report has not been verified officially by Vietnamese authorities today. SAR has spotted two areas where the aircraft’s tail might be, but it turns out these sightings turn up not being pieces of the aircraft’s tail.
  • Oilslick samples have been sent to labs. Malaysia Air is hoping they can report the slicks some from the missing aircraft.
  • Authorities are investigating the case of two passengers on the aircraft with fraudulent passport. authorities going through all CCTV, all records.
  • There are issues with 5 passengers who did not fly on the aircraft. MAS reiterates baggage from these 5 passengers were removed.

“For the aircraft to just go missing just like that, from the radar blip, there are many theories that have been said in media, there are many experts around the world that have contributed knowledge about what could have happened. and as far as we are concerned, we are equally puzzled. the honourable prime minister used the word ‘perplexing’. we are equally puzzled. to confirm what happened on this aircraft, we need concrete evidence, pieces of the aircraft, to do forensic study. unfortunately again, we are unable to secure any parts of the aircraft to date.”

“We understand you want answers from us, you want details, we are equally eager as you are to find details and parts of the aircraft and we hope you will be patient and our boys in the rescue control centre on the ships now are trying their best to locate whatever they can find in the areas that we have identified and maybe those beyond that. we are every hour, every minute, every second, looking at every inch of the sea.”

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily