Luis Collazo Can’t See How to Beat Keith Thurman

TAMPA, FL - JULY 11:   Luis Collazo (L) exchanges blows with Keith Thurman during their WBA Welterweight fight on July 11, 2015 at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

Luis Collazo almost put Keith Thurman down for the first time in his career with a ‘mexican kidney punch,’ in the 5th round. Thurman passed the test, didn’t go down, and the fight was stopped by the ref because Collazo told him he, ‘couldn’t see.”

Thurman won the first 3 rounds easily, probably won the 4th, but in the 5th Collazo landed the body blow that almost ended a lot of dreams for Thurman. It isn’t horseshoes so that almost doesn’t matter, but it showed a lot of heart from Thurman to stay up.

Teddy Atlas said during the fight that Thurman was a bigger favorite than Tyson was vs Buster Douglas. The difference here is that the favorite didn’t lose the bout.


Thurman had been working Collazo’s eye hard the entire fight, and swelling was noticed as early as the 2nd round. Bleeding was very evident in the 6th round.

The cause of the bleeding was said by plenty of people to be from a headbutt in the 6th round. There might have been a headbutt, but Thurman was working his eye the entire night. It was gushing heading into the corner after 6th.

After the 7th the fight was stopped. It was a an odd set of events. The ref asked Collazo if his eye was ok and he replied, “Yeah, I can’t see.” The fight was then stopped.

Collazo didn’t seem to be hurt that bad, and maybe he thought he was going to get the fight to go to the cards since his eye was hurt by the headbutt.

Collazo saying, “I can’t see,” is him admitting that the fight shouldn’t go on.

Ref: Do you want me to stop this?

Collazo: That’s up to you, I can’t see.

Now if the doctor or ref would have stopped it, it would have gone to the cards.

Post fight Keith Thurman called out Mayweather in what was one of the worst trash talking by any boxer ever. Thurman’s trash talking to Mayweather was bad, and his performance didn’t live up to a Mayweather lottery payday.

Despiting getting the W, winning the fight early, Thurman got hurt in the 5th, and he seemed to be on the run a lot. Thurman didn’t look bad, and the most important thing he got the win. It just wasn’t as good as most seemed it would be.