Live Updates about Lindt Chocolat Cafe hostage drama in Martin Place, Sydney

  • 19:43: ABC News has had confirmation from the police that the suspect has been identified and was previously known to police (source: ABC 7:30pm news)
  • 19:42: Channel 10 has a received a video of a hostage reading the demands of the suspect(s) (source: Apparently from Sky News – I did not see this)
  • 19:28: Hostages have been moved to one end of the cafe, except for one who is still blocking a window with an apron (Source)
  • 19:02: ABC News have also been contacted by the hostages on behalf of the suspect(s) (Source)
  • 18:35: NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn giving new update: Business as usual where possible unless otherwise advised, do not call 000 for enquiries – call 1800 227 228 (TBC), negotiations are ongoing with the suspect(s), still refusing to confirm the remaining number of hostages, task force Pioneer is in effect (a counter-terrorist response), will not confirm if the threat of explosives around Sydney is real (source: Watching the announcement on ABC News Live)



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