Live Reports coming from Fort Hood, Texas of active shooting

[5:57 PM EST] – KCENTV: Reports of a shooting on Fort Hood

  • Several injuries

  • At least one patient being transported to the hospital

  • Reports that suspect is still at large

  • Suspect said to be in Medical Brigade Building

[6:05 PM EST] – Twitter: Official Fort Hood Twitter account reports that all personnel on post are asked to shelter in place.

[6:11 PM EST] – Twitter: Screenshot of Fort Hood website, which says: “SHELTER IN PLACE IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS NOT A TEST.

[6:13 PM EST] – Fort Hood PD scanner: Reports that one shooter is down, police are currently searching for a second suspect driving a late-model Toyota Camry and armed with a .45 caliber handgun.

[6:19 PM EST] – Twitter: Central Texas College, located 3 miles away from Fort Hood, has been evacuated with all classes cancelled.

[6:22 PM EST] – KWTX: Reports that at least one person is dead in Fort Hood shooting

[6:27 PM EST] – KCENTV: Reports that second suspect at large is wearing an Army Combat Uniform, the standard issue battle uniform for those in the U.S Army.

[6:29 PM EST] – Twitter: San Antonio reporter Deborah Knapp says three dead following Fort Hood shooting

[6:34 PM EST] – Twitter: Fox News’ Chad Pergram reports that Army Secretary John McHugh is returning to the Pentagon for a briefing on the current situation

[6:38 PM EST] – NBC: NBC Nightly News reports that President Obama has been informed of the situation.

[6:41 PM EST] – Twitter: Fort Hood press release on the shooting

[6:50 PM EST] – KCENTV: Reports that SWAT have arrived on-scene

[6:54 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: Reports via Bell County Sheriff that shooter is trapped inside a building at Fort Hood and “should be in custody soon”

[6:58 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: FBI confirms that it will help lead investigation on the incident

[7:01 PM EST] – Twitter: CBSLocal DFW reports that authorities are currently tracking a grey Toyota Camry in connection with the shooting

[7:06 PM EST] – Twitter: CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz says Fort Hood shooter is dead from self-inflicted wound

[7:10 PM EST] – Twitter: Reports of second shooter have not been confirmed by law enforcement, says CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz

[7:11 PM EST] – Twitter: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to hold press conference at 8pm

[7:14 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: Local hospitals preparing to receive and treat victims of the shooting

[7:19 PM EST] – Twitter: NBC Nightly News reports 8 total wounded, with 4 critically wounded. Shooter dead, base remains on lockdown.

[7:21 PM EST] – KVUE: Press conference from Fort Hood expected in 10-15 minutes

[7:24 PM EST] – AP: Senior defense official: One dead, 14 injured in Fort Hood shooting

[7:29 PM EST] – Twitter: Reports that only one shooter was involved, earlier reports of two shooters was inaccurate.

[7:37 PM EST] – Press release: Fort Hood Press Center says “Fort Hood’s Directorate of Emergency Services has an initial report that a shooter is dead but this is unconfirmed.”

[7:46 PM EST] – Twitter: Officials at Fort Carson in Colorado say they’ve “immediately implemented prudent security measures” in response to the Fort Hood shooting.

[7:47 PM EST] – Twitter: Multiple reports that shooter is believed to be a soldier.

[7:48 PM EST] CBS News: Reports that suspect has been identified as 34-year-old soldier Ivan Lopez, and violence stemmed from possible soldier-on-soldier dispute.

DO NOT link to any social media profiles or personal information of any potential suspects. All comments containing personal information will be removed, and the users posting such comments will be banned and referred to the admins.

[7:53 PM EST] – KXXV: Reporter Markeya Thomas says most cell phone towers have been shut down on Fort Hood military post

[8:06 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: The City of Killeen and Red Cross will open a shelter for anyone unable to return to Fort Hood while the lockdown continues. The shelter will open at 8 p.m. at the Killeen Community Center.

[8:11 PM EST] – NBC News: Live feed of press conference w/ Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

[8:17 PM EST] – reddit: Alternate feed on the shootings using reddit’s new Live Update Tool

[8:22 PM EST] – ABC: Senior US official says four dead including shooter

[8:27 PM EST] – KVUE: Reporters at the scene say officials are checking every car coming into the visitor center

[8:34 PM EST] – NBC: Lockdown lifted at Fort Hood following shooting

[8:38 PM EST] – Twitter: Texas congressman McCaul says shooter was wearing uniform at time of incident

[8:41 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: Identity of Fort Hood shooter has been confirmed by Bell County sheriff’s deputy, but still unconfirmed by Fort Hood officials

[8:51 PM EST] – Twitter: Conditions of patients range from stable to “quite critical”

[9:15 PM EST] – Killeen Daily Herald: A Killeen Independent School District spokesperson said students whose parents were unable to pick them up due to the lockdown are at their campuses being cared for by administration. Staff will care for students until a parent is able to pick them up. This applies to all KISD campuses on and off post.

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