LAX Traveler Being Tested For Ebola

  • People crossing from Ivory Coast to Liberia via DFID UK/Flickr

Updated at the bottom with the L.A. County health chief saying this “is not a suspected case” of Ebola.

A sick man who had recently been in the West African nation of Liberia was taken from LAX to Centinela Hospital Medical Center via ambulance last night to be tested for Ebola as a precaution, hospital officials said. The results were still pending, according to a statement from Centinela.

The facility stated that the patient showed no signs of Ebola, but that, “due to travel history appropriate precautions were implemented.”

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Hospital spokesman Steve Brand told us “he was sick”—that “we had somebody come who potentially had Ebola who is currently being tested.” However:

The patient’s specific symptoms did not match those associated with Ebola, he said. “The patient does not have any symptoms of Ebola,” the Inglewood hospital stated.

It wasn’t clear how long the patient would have to be quarantined in the meantime, Brand said. Centinela says it was prepared:

Ambulance personnel alerted the hospital prior to arrival so upon entry to the hospital campus, all CDC precautions were fully implemented. The hospital has been preparing for the possibility of this situation for weeks and staff has been trained per CDC protocols.

“Our ER team did a precise and thorough job of implementing our full protocol,” Centinela CEO Linda Bradley said. “They acted quickly and decisively in determining the status of the patient and contacted all necessary authorities.”

The hospital said patients, family and staff would remain safe and that the facility remained fully open.

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