Lakers Take Larry Nance Jr with the 27th Pick

Wyoming v San Diego State

Can you take that tweet down about Kobe and the rape thing? Thanks and welcome to the Lakers!

Larry Nance Jr., out of Wyoming is who the Lakers decided to grab up with their #27 pick. Nance stayed four years at Wyoming, he is 6’8 power forward and averaged 16.1 points as a senior. He also grabbed 7 boards a game, and took Wyoming to the NCAA tournament. Nance Jr., was co-defensive player of the MWC, and he probably would have left school last year if it wasn’t for an ACL tear as a junior.

Nance wisely deleted a 3-year old tweet in which he mentioned Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault in Denver. The tweet is pretty bad calling his now teammate, Kobe Bryant, a rapist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.21.36 AM

Kobe will probably go a little bit harder at the youngster when they practice together, and Nance is going to start taking a class on social media and how that stuff can live on forever. Mark Cuban teaches the classes. (yeah right, CyberDust!)

Larry Nance Jr is the son of Larry Nance Sr., who had a pretty solid career in Cleveland.