Lakers and Lin Might Part Ways


Jeremy Lin may leave the Lakers and the two teams that he might join include the Denver Nuggets or the Indiana Pacers.

Lin, who is known for having that great run called Linsanity a few years back with the Knicks, is a solid backup point guard. This is why the Pacers might be a great land for Lin as he could play backup to George Hill.

ESPN NBA writer Tim McMahon says that Mark Cuban and the Mavericks want to add Lin to their roster.

According to McMahon, the Mavericks are expected to reload their lineup this offseason, although their main priority is to use a major portion of their cap money to bring in Dallas native LaMarcus Aldridge, who will demand a contract worth not less than $20MM per year.

With Rondo a goner after a nightmarish stint last season, McMahon believed the Mavs would either select a point guard in this year’s draft or make a run for Lin or Mo Williams.