Lakers #2 Pick D’Angelo Russell on Jim Rome

Lakers Russell

D’Angelo Russell appeared on The Jim Rome Show to talk about Kobe, the Lakers, LaMarcus Aldridge, and more.

Russell on Kobe: “He was the Michael Jordan of my era,” Russell said of Bryant. “Not a lot guys could get spoiled enough to land in one of the greatest franchises in the world and also play under one of the top known vets left in the league, so for me to get to play under him is almost spoiling.”

Russell also mentioned that playing with Kobe, who is notoriously known for picking rookies saying he is ready and eager to begin.

Russell also made a pitch at free agent big man LaMarcus Aldridge stating:

Man, who doesn’t want to be in L.A., starting with that. The franchise is on the come up, they’ve been so spoiled with winning around here, losing is not an option,” Russell said. “I mean Portland, he played well, they played well as a team, they made some strides, but L.A., just me being out here for these few days, these few months I was before, there’s nothing like it. A lot of guys want to be here, a lot of guys live here in the summer, so many faces here that you play on the Lakers you are already at the top of the crop of all the people that live here.”

It seems that LA has said no to LA, but the Lakers future will be as good as Russell can make it.

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