Kendrick Johnson is our 2014 Sports Reporter of the Year

This time of the year is one that has the mainstream sports fans looking for some action. The NBA is over, NFL is about to start, and MLB is dragging through the dog days of August. Sure, baseball lovers might be upset with me calling this a dead time, but who is really getting excited to see two teams 20 games below .500 go head to head for a 3 game series? Exactly.

But as we have done for the past 3 years we are ready to announce our Sports Reporter of the Year

Yes, we again went for a reporter that isn’t on the major (boring, overrated) ESPN network, and since we are ourselves an underdog, we love to find the best of the best among those who might be unknown to some. This year’s winner is the best of the best!

…and the winner of the 2014 Sports Reporter of the year is, Kendrick Johnson!

Congrats to Kendrick Johnson

Congrats to Kendrick Johnson

Kendrick is one of the hardest working men in the industry, and it shows in the pure volume that he is able to release. The quickness of his work doesn’t take away from the quality of his work. It isn’t quantity over quality with KJ, it is great quality AND in great quantity.


2014 SROTY Kendrick Johnson w/ Floyd Mayweather JR

Kendrick Johnson has been seen as a writer on major outlets covering sports such The Source and Blitz Weekly as well smaller outlets like the Beaumont Enterprises. KJ covers all sports and is closely tied in with superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Richard Sherman, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The top of the line in all three of those sports, but the reason that we went with Kendrick over the the long list of other great sports journalist is due to the fact that he still writes and helps out with smaller local magazines and newspapers mostly in Texas. In a time period of everybody wanted to sell out and not help the smaller businesses, Kendrick is doing the exact opposite. (Major respect for that alone!)

Reporter Kendrick Johnson and Kobe Bryant

Reporter Kendrick Johnson and Kobe Bryant

Congrats to KJ on winning our 2014 Sports Reporter of the Year Award! Follow KJ on twitter @KendrickJohnso 


2013 Winner Wesley Lowery

2012 Winner JA Adande 

2011 Winner Bob Harig 

2010 Lifetime Award Winner Rick Reilly

Voting is done by 2 editors at our affiliate paper, The Evansville Sun, 3 writer with our affiliate at the Charlotte Sun Times, and three independent sports writers from across the country. We reviewed 175 candidates and our voting is private. To nominate a candidate for next years awards please email sportswriter (at) theplutodaily dot com

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