Julian Assange Dead? The Rumor Mill is Turning

Julian Assange or Mr. Wikileaks

Julian Assange or Mr. Wikileaks as he is known, tweeted some odd tweets that lead to major speculation that his internet was down and even that he might be dead! The tweets were odd


But they didn’t mean that Assange was dead as it was later reported that his internet was shut down. Assange said he was going to release emails from John Kerry before any of this happened. From the AP:

Wikileaks tweeted a cryptic message to its 3.7 Million followers about Secretary of State John Kerry. The tweet possesses a series of numbers and letters, known as “hex code”, which could be an encryption key holding files belonging to Kerry. It appears WikiLeaks is taking precaution by tweeting out the “dead man’s switch”, ensuring the data inside is accessible if something happens to Julian Assange and/or other members of the WikiLeaks organization. WikiLeaks also posted hex code that appears to be associated with the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Ecuador.

More Details are Pending and we will keep you up to date!

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