Jihadi John’s father under surveillance in Kuwait

The father of murderous terrorist “Jihadi John” is under close watch in Kuwait, according to reports.

Jasem Emwazi reportedly bolted from London with his family and has been hiding out in the Middle Eastern country since his son, Mohammed Emwazi, was unmasked as the blood-thirsty thug believed to be responsible for nearly a half-dozen videotaped beheadings.

The ex-London cabbie is trying to keep a low profile as an international spotlight focuses on the family.

“Yes, I am the father of Mohammed,” Jasem Emwazi told a reporter from the Mirror who tracked him down in Kuwait. “I don’t want to talk to the media.”

The family, originally from Iraq, fled Kuwait in the early 1990s and landed in London when Mohammed Emwazi was a young boy.

Jasem Emwazi reportedly ran a small taxi company and sent his children to British schools.

Mohammed Emwazi grew up to be a computer programmer, but left for Syria in 2013 and joined the Islamic State.

He has since appeared in a series of propaganda videos, mocking his enemies in a British accent, before appearing to slaughter defenseless captives on camera.

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Walter Skinner

Walter Skinner joined the Pluto Daily in 2012 and has covered news from around the world.